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The UPSC Prelims exam is an important stage in the Civil Services Examination, and every mark counts. To help you in this examination, we have developed a comprehensive UPSC Marks Calculator for both the General Studies (GS) and Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) papers. With these calculators, you can calculate your marks, considering negative marking, which helps you improve your preparation strategy.

Understanding UPSC Prelims Marking Scheme

The UPSC Prelims consist of two objective-type papers: General Studies (GS) Paper I and Paper II (CSAT). The details of the marking scheme is mentioned below:

  • GS Paper I (200 Marks):
    • Each correct answer fetches 2 marks.
    • 1/3rd of a mark is deducted for every incorrect answer (negative marking).
  • CSAT Paper II (200 Marks):
    • Each correct answer earns 2.5 marks.
    • Negative marking deducts 0.83 marks for every wrong answer.

Understanding UPSC Negative Marking

The UPSC Prelims consist of two objective-type papers: General Studies (GS) Paper I and CSAT Paper II. While attempting these papers, remember that there’s negative marking for incorrect answers. This means marks are deducted for incorrect attempts. Here’s a breakdown:

GS Paper I (2 marks per question): One-third (0.66) of a mark is deducted for every wrong answer. CSAT Paper II (2.5 marks per question): A little less than one-third (0.83) of a mark is deducted for every incorrect answer.

Why to use UPSC Prelims Marks Calculators?

While calculating UPSC marks yourself can be possible, the process can become cumbersome and error-prone, especially when considering negative marking. Manually calculating marks and deductions for negative markings can consume precious study hours. Our UPSC Prelims Marks Calculators offer a time-saving alternative. Simply enter the number of correct and incorrect answers, and our calculators will generate a detailed breakdown of your score, including a visual pie chart, in a matter of seconds. This allows you to efficiently evaluate your performance and refocus your efforts.

UPSC Prelims GS Paper Marks Calculator

UPSC Prelims GS Paper Marks Calculator

UPSC Prelims GS Paper Marks Calculator

This calculator takes two inputs:

  • Number of Correct Answers
  • Number of Incorrect Answers

Once you enter these values and click “Calculate,” the tool generates:

  • Total Positive Marks Obtained: (Number of Correct Answers) x (Marks per Correct Answer)
  • Total Negative Marks Obtained: (Number of Incorrect Answers) x (Negative Marking per Answer)
  • Net Total Marks Obtained: Total Positive Marks – Total Negative Marks

Additionally, a pie chart visually represents the distribution of your correct and incorrect answers.

UPSC Prelims CSAT Paper Marks Calculator

UPSC Prelims CSAT Paper Calculator

UPSC Prelims CSAT Paper Marks Calculator

The CSAT paper is qualifying in nature, meaning you need to secure a minimum cut-off score to proceed to the Mains. This calculator helps you estimate your performance and predict if you’ve crossed the qualifying mark.


  • Number of Correct Answers: Enter the number of correct answers in CSAT Paper II.
  • Number of Incorrect Answers: Enter the number of incorrect answers.


  • Total Positive Marks Obtained: This reflects the total marks you scored for correct answers (each question carries 2.5 marks).
  • Total Negative Marks Obtained: This shows the deduction due to incorrect answers. Similar to GS Paper I, 1/3rd of the marks for a correct answer (0.83 marks) is deducted for each wrong answer in CSAT.
  • Net Total Marks Obtained: This displays your final score after considering both positive and negative marks.
  • Qualified/Not Qualified: This section informs you whether your net score surpasses the CSAT cut-off mark, indicating qualification for the Mains exam.


Similar to the GS Paper calculator, a pie chart depicts the breakdown of your answers between correct and incorrect attempts.

Why to use UPSC Prelims Marks Calculators?

Quick and Easy Calculation: Saves you time and effort compared to manual calculations. 

Accuracy Ensured: Eliminates the risk of errors in calculating negative marking. 

Visual Representation: Pie charts offer a clear understanding of your answer distribution. 

CSAT Qualification Indicator: Provides an immediate idea of your CSAT performance.

This UPSC Marks Calculator can be used in other than the UPSC Prelims also. Since most mock test series offered by coaching centers follow the same exam pattern and marking scheme, you can utilize this tool to estimate your scores on these practice tests as well. This allows you to analyze your performance throughout your preparation, identifying areas for improvement and gauging your readiness for the actual exam.

Remember, this calculator is for estimation purposes only. The official UPSC cut-off marks are declared later. However, it’s a valuable tool to get a preliminary sense of your performance and strategize for the Mains exam.

  • Is a calculator allowed in the UPSC CSAT Exam?

    As per the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) guidelines, calculators are not permitted during the Civil Services Examination (CSE) Prelims. This prohibition extends to all subjects and question types within the Prelims stage.

    To ensure success in this competitive exam, it is recommended that candidates develop strong mental calculation and estimation abilities. Proficiency in these areas will allow for efficient handling of objective type questions without dependence on a calculator. The UPSC emphasizes the assessment of a candidate's core knowledge, aptitude, and problem-solving skills, and the Prelims format reflects this focus.

  • How to calculate UPSC prelims marks?

    The Procuedure to calculate UPSC Prelims marks is given below:

    1. Count the number of questions you got correct in each paper (GS Paper-I and CSAT Paper-II).
    2. Multiply the number of correct answers in GS Paper-I by 2 (each question is worth 2 marks).
    3. Multiply the number of correct answers in CSAT Paper-II by 2.5 (each question is worth 2.5 marks).
    4. Count the number of questions you answered incorrectly in each paper.
    5. For each incorrect answer in GS Paper-I, subtract ⅔ of a mark (0.66).
    6. For each incorrect answer in CSAT Paper-II, subtract ¾ of a mark (0.83).
    7. Subtract the total negative marks (from step 5 and 6) from the total correct marks (from step 2 and 3) for each paper.
    8. Add your marks from both papers to get your estimated UPSC Prelims score.

  • how to calculate negative marking in UPSC?

    The UPSC Prelims Negative Marking can be calculated using the below procedure

    Only applies to the objective Prelims stage (GS Paper I & CSAT).


    1. Find the marks per question (2 for GS I, 2.5 for CSAT currently).
    2. Multiply correct attempts by marks per question for each paper.
    3. Multiply incorrect attempts in each paper by ⅓ marks per question (penalty).
    4. Add correct attempt marks (both papers) and subtract total penalty to get your final score.

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